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Become comfortable and confident about wine

Jennifer Chou, a 15 year wine industry veteran, was often bombarded with questions from friends about the mysteries of wine: how do I read a wine list? Why does the waiter show me the bottle I ordered before pouring my glass? Am I supposed to sniff the cork? Am I really supposed to stick my nose into the glass? A sommel-what?

More and more it became apparent to Jennifer that many of her friends did not know the fundamentals of wine and wine etiquette that she has simply picked up throughout the years working in the industry. Alas, in the spring of 2011, the Savvy Grape was created to help her friends feel comfortable and confident about wine. She wanted to help her friends Crush their Winetimidation(r) - whether it was ordering the wine for the crucial client dinner or hosting a fabulous party.

Today, the Savvy Grape serves corporate and private clients and remains the leader of customized wine events. Ready to educate and entertain, the Savvy Grape is here to lead your next tasting, teach you How to Taste Wine Like a Pro, and simplify your next glass.